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Collect 'N Win is a multi-platform mobile application that allows players to convert their Powerball tickets into pieces. When they collect enough pieces to complete a game card, they earn an entry into one of the drawings for a chance to win a trip on the Power Cruise. Alchemy3 developed the app for both iOS devices and Android. It uses a scanner module to provide a convenient way for players to convert their Powerball tickets into pieces by scanning the existing ticket barcode. In addition to the mobile apps, a web application is available to accept manual ticket entries for anyone who doesn't have a mobile device.



Each participating lottery has a allocation of trips on board the Power Cruise. They are to be awarded in independent drawings within each lottery's jurisdiction so every lottery is guaranteed to award the prizes they purchased to their players.



The one time exclusive sailing of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines "Brillance of the Seas®" will be customized completely for Powerball. Each prize will include:

  • 5 night cruise to the Western Caribbean
  • Premier ship accommodations (first, second, third place staterooms)
  • All meals (excluding specialty restaurants)
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Entertainment aboard the ship
  • Overnight hotel stay prior to embarking
  • RT Airfare for winner and guest
  • Ground transportation from hotel to dock
  • On-board spending credit
  • Gratuities

Since this will be a Powerball charter, the ship can be themed in as many different ways as we can imagine. The hull can be decorated with the Powerball logo. The floor of the main pools can be covered in Powerball logos. We can even theme the menus in the dining rooms.

On one night at sea there will be special performance by a nationally recognized musical group. This feature of the prize can be called out during the promotional period to engage casual Powerball players during non-peak jackpot periods. Their 'fear of missing out' on this exclusive unique small venue performance should drive additional activity and word of mouth messaging to make the promotion more viral.

For the core Powerball players, we will be awarding cash prizes during the cruise. There will be chances to win every day throughout the day, but you have to be one of the few lucky winners to get a spot on the ship.

The custom cruise will be aboard one of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines many beautiful ships. Each ship in their fleet contains enough activities and dining alternatives to excite every generation of player. Unlike other trip prizes, the Power Cruise excitement extends to the beautiful ports of call in the Western Caribbean where players can relax on beautiful sand beaches or explore the cultures inland.

Navigator of the Seas


Brillance of the Seas


Because we are looking for full participation to create a similar Nationwide Buzz around the promotion as Powerball does during jackpot peaks, we based individual participation on a percentage of overall powerball sales. We can provide an individual budget assuming 100% participation, but as lotteries determine that they cannot participate, the budgets adjust proportionately to reach the same budget total. Please contact us to discuss individual participation levels.
Yes. Each participating lottery will draw winners from its own pool of entries. The Power Cruise Collect 'N Win App will be universal across all participating lotteries, but when a player downloads and registers, they must select their specific lottery before scanning any tickets. This is required because we will validate each Powerball ticket based on the lottery where it was purchased. Only Powerball tickets purchased within a jurisdiction will be applied to that specific drawing to win that pool of purchased trip prizes. So if a player scans a Powerball ticket in Illinois, it will only be applied to Illinois drawings to win the trip prizes purchased by the Illinois Lottery.
No. Only the cruise trip prizes are lottery specific. Once all the winners are aboard the cruise, the chance of winning prizes are equal amongst all the passengers. Daily cash prizes can only been won once per person. The $50,000 grand prize can be won by winners of the daily cash prizes.
After we have exercised every possible combination of participating states and their appropriated budget, we will offer the opportunity for those states to purchase the balance of prizes to fill the ship. If we are still short by a considerable amount, the promotion will be cancelled and all obligations are released.
If you are a MUSL member, there will be a master agreement between MUSL and Alchemy3. MUSL will enter into a detailed contract with Alchemy3 to provide the services to all the participating lotteries. There will be a corresponding agreement between MUSL and the participating lottery to itemize specific details for each jurisdiction, inlcuding number of trip prizes/budget.

If you are a non-MUSL member and part of the Mega Millions group, you will contract directly with Alchemy3. That contract will be similar to the long form contract between MUSL and A3 and will incorporate all specific jurisdiction details related to the promotion.
No. Because of the differences in State and local taxes in each Lottery jurisdiction, taxes paid on behalf of the winners will be managed independently. Alchemy3 will provided detailed reporting and recording of all individual prize amounts. We will prepare all the appropriate forms for each jurisdiction and will deliver to the lottery, or upon request, to the taxing agency. Should a lottery wish to pay taxes on the winner's behalf, A3 will invoice the lottery for the required amount and pay the tax when the forms are filed.